I'm so bummed - It's only four days into VeganMofo III, and I'm already late on my daily posting! But I have a great excuse, I promise. It's because I participated in two - count 'em, TWO - Walk for the Farm Animals events.

On Saturday, I traveled down to Rehoboth Beach, DE and walked with Steve and my mom and her boyfriend, and we had a blast with the Farm Sanctuary group down there. We may have been a small group, but we were full of energy and laughs and were totally ready to make a stand for the animals. It was a joyous walk, and we were able to pass out all of our leafleting materials! Good stuff.

Today was even better - I volunteered at the New York City Walk by dressing up as a cow for two and a half hours. 


It was pretty awesome actually - I got to take pictures with lots of smiling kids (and smiling kids are one of my favorite things), and all in all, it was well worth the effort (and by "effort" I mean sweating my butt off - that thing was hot!). In the end, I asked myself- if farm animals could endure endless amounts of suffering, couldn't I tough it out in a cow costume for a few hours? I follow that with resounding "Oh yeah."

So, beginning tomorrow, I will again be bringing you more fun info about vegan food - don't worry.  In the meantime, here's a picture of a really yummy dessert to tide you over. It's from the OMG Cupcakes website - Andie, the woman who runs the company, is awesome and so talented at baking. I was lucky enough to sample her carrot cake mini-cupcakes at the NYC Walk today, and they blew my mind!