Reasons to Smile.

A very happy exchange with a lovely sheep 

1. My good friend Lindsey surprising me by ordering herself and me a copy of Tal Ronnen's The Conscious Cook.

2. Getting to be silly yesterday by dressing up as Frankenstein to promote the "Frankie Says Go Veg" campaign with the New York Farm Sanctuary people. (Did you know Mary Shelley was a vegetarian and animal advocate?)

3. Alicia Silverstone - an already awesome human being - is now supremely awesome by creating I can't wait to read her new book - The Kind Diet (haven't purchased a copy yet due to low funds, so for now the website will have to suffice).

4. I created an "Adopt a Turkey" Challenge on facebook! 

For you facebook useres, check it out here:   eid=162667684554#wall_posts

For you non-facebook users: go to for more info.

5. My wedding is 17 days away, which means in a little over two weeks, I get to wear a pretty dress and eat delicious vegan food in it. Oh yeah - and I get to marry this guy:

Steve - my  eternal vegan partner in crime

6. Despite the overwhelming amount of people working for and supporting farm animal cruelty, there are  also a lot of people with a whole lot of passion who are fighting to end it.

7. An awesome makeup artist for Smashbox Cosmetics (a cruelty-free and vegan makeup company) has agreed to do my makeup on the big day. I feel like a really lucky lady!

8.  This quote:

Be passionate and follow your heart., which will encourage and empower yourself and others. And listen to your gut. It is shocking what happens on factory farms; it is not wrong to feel that people should know about it and want to stop it.

(this quote is taken from Gene Baur's Farm Sanctuary, a book I highly recommend! I just finished it yesterday, and I am so refreshed and inspired by it.)

9. If you didn't read my post from yesterday, this video, which is Maxine the Cow's story - with a very happy ending:

10. Recognizing and embracing that I've been an animal lover since birth. All of this was bound to happen one way or another. :)


VeganDB said…
This is awesome! Thanks for everything you do for the animals :)
Vegan mommy said…
I love your blog. I am glad I found it. It is great. And congrats on your upcoming wedding.

I'll be smiling all day! Can you send me your recipe for the tofu scramble? just bought a ton of vegan groceries today and want to do that up!
Lindsay said…
That's so exciting Joanna! I'll email the recipe to you. :)

And thank you vegan mommy and vegandb - I'm so happy you like what I gotta say! :)