A quick thought as you go through your day...

The Dalai Lama looked at the moon shining in the night sky and said, "Isn't it beautiful up there!" Everyone sighed and agreed. "Ah, but we don't live on the moon," he said.
"Our job is to make it beautiful down here."

(This was a quote I found at the beginning of Ingrid Newkirk's amazing book Making Kind Choices. Ingrid - who happens to be the co-founder and president of PETA - has written a beautiful and compelling guide to help you make compassionate choices in every part your daily life. If you are looking to find simple and easy ways to be more generous to the world around you, I highly recommend this book as a great place to start.)


Liuba Grechen said…
Great Quote! Thanks Lindsay! This is Liuba Grechen from Sweet Cheeks Vegan Bakery. I just started a blog a few days ago. Please check it out when you have a second. I've only posted two posts so far, but I'm working on it ;)

Lindsay said…
Thanks for becoming a follower Liuba! It's good for all of us new bloggers to stick together! :)