Kiss My Vegan... Cupcakes?

Today, I got gutsy and decided to entertain the idea of actually trying to start a vegan baking company.  Without getting too personal, it definitely stemmed from a mildly chaotic experience recently that has shaken up my world a bit - losing a job opportunity. That'll get anybody to want to do something completely radical. In my case, it made me want to bake a whole bunch of cupcakes and eat them. And then bake more. And eat those. The seed of a business idea can begin at the oddest moments.

Sometimes you gotta take some risks....

To reap the greatest rewards! (Or something.)

Now, when I get an idea for something, I'm the kind of person who will mildly obsess over it until I have absolutely convinced myself I have to do it. So, this morning, I scrambled around to make a mock logo and a name for it, which I actually think is kind of cute: Kiss My Vegan Cupcakes

Could this be the start of something big? 
Or at least medium sized?

But of course now my overly analytical self has managed to cause me to question my beloved company (that I haven't technically started yet) name. 

So, I'm opening the issue up to you - my small, but loving group of supporters. If you have an idea, an image that comes to mind, anything really - feel free to comment! 

And hey - maybe if I like whatcha got - I'll make you some yummy cupcakes as a token of my thanks. Well, at least if you live near Brooklyn.


HeyitsBeth said…
Runyon Canyon!! I LOVE that hike! Especially all the dogs :-)

Re: the biz...I'm fresh out of ideas, but I will always support vegan cupcakes in any shape or form.
Tristan said…
Like I said on Facebook...


I think it'll work.
Lindsay said…
Isn't Runyon awesome Beth? It was my first hike!!

Thanks for the suggestion Tristan - I'll add it to the list!
danielle said…
if you need a co-baker or possible partner in crime, I've been wanting to do a vegan baking company 4 years ago when I started going vegan.

danielle (from the farm sanctuary potluck)
Jen said…
I love the idea. and I love your blog. personally I am not vegan, but your blog is helping me to understand it and become more interested in at least altering parts of my life to accommodate a more vegan lifestyle...

ps. i know many people who would buy vegan cupcakes. and you could always start as an independent contractor with health food stores like Pump on 50th and 3rd and earth foods on 53rd and Lex. to see if it is something that will catch on (you know, if you dont want to go full out into business mode!)

Just a thought.
and I love the idea of naming em V-cups. It just opens up a ton of possibilities for how to package em and what to name em (ie: double v-cups for two cupcakes)

but YEAH I think you could give Magnolia a run for their money!!!
Lindsay said…
Thanks everyone for the awesome ideas!!! I'll keep everybody updated!!
Lena said…
I absolutely love that you are doing this! Im a new yorker myself but currently going to school in Michigan and its so hard to find vegan bakeries here! of course theresa few options in NY but still definitely not enough! If you end up setting up shop, let me tell ya, ill will be one of the first ones at the door when it opens! :D Ironically, my roommate is actually making some vegan cupcakes now from her book Vegan Cupcakes Take over the world! Anyways enough of my banter...i wish you the best of luck and really hope it succeeds! keep us hopeful newyorkers updated!
Rachel said…
Kiss my vegan cupcakes! Love it!

I am a huge lover of all things cupcakes!

Go for it! My advice: Xanthan Gum and Vinegar... :)

Best Wishes