Ideas for a Compassionate - and FUN - Halloween

don't let this oh-so-intimidating 
black cat cross your path...

Happy eve of Halloween everybody!! 

Here are ten ways to add compassion to your holiday, and still have it be a ton of fun:

1) Buy some vegan candy, dress up in a silly costume, and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.

(I opted for vegan lollipops, and I'll be sitting on my Brooklyn stoop tomorrow in some kind of fun, home-made costume!)

* 2) Dress up as your favorite farm animal, wearing a sign that says "Love me, don't eat me".

* (my personal favorite.)

3) Host a Halloween party with yummy vegan treats (click on the link to see a few ideas of what to serve).

4) Volunteer for part of the day at an animal shelter - maybe you can give some much-needed TLC to a black cat! :)

5) Get a jump start on Thanksgiving, and adopt a turkey from the Farm Sanctuary.

6) If you're already planning on attending a party, ask the host if you can bring a dish of your own, which gives you a chance to add a fun, vegan treat into the mix. 

7) Dress up as your favorite famous vegetarian

8) If you're feeling really passionate, take a look at Farm Sanctuary's Jasmin Singer's tips for an animal-friendly Halloween.

9) Host a Halloween horror film watching party - serve homemade popcorn, warm mulled cider, and my vegan pumpkin-spice cupcakes (she had to plug her cupcake recipe!).

10) Stand outside of your house shouting "Factory farming is the REAL horror!!!" 

(Totally joking.)

The REAL 10th tip:

10) Make your own new vegan Halloween tradition! It's always fun to do something new to a holiday you love - and who knows - maybe that tradition will stick with you through the years.

Love, tricks, and many treats to you,



Happy post-Halloween! I wanted to let you know I had an entirely vegan day today -- banana and almond butter for breakfast, tofu & broccoli & hummus for lunch, organic plums for a snack, and brown rice pasta with kale for dinner! a little white wine for dessert, though I wish I had a Moocake instead :) thank you for inspiring me!
Lindsay said…
Joanna!!! That's absolutely wonderful!! I hope you enjoyed it all - it sounds like you ate some delicious and healthy food!! Congrats! :)
Rebecca said…
Thanks for the great, great ideas! I just sponsored a turkey!
Lindsay said…
Awesome Rebecca!! :)
Lindsay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blogger said…
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