I love brunch. It's like one of the best things in the world. And what better way to do brunch than by cracking open a new cookbook? Steve's mom, Ruth, was kind enough to give us Isa Chandra Moskowitz's lovely new book, Vegan Brunch, and today, I got to test out a few of her recipes. The result? Pure yumminess (sure, that's a word).

After about an hour of prep work, I finally got the Sweet Onion Quiche and Spiced Roasted Potatoes in the oven...

I added some paprika to the quiche to give it a nice color contrast.

The finished product!
(forgive me for the lack of quality in these photos. Still using a camera phone!)

And just for fun, I included some cornmeal biscuits. :)

A delicious way to spend a Saturday, I must say!