Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

This year was my first ever experience with vegan grilling, and I went all out - veggie skewers with seitan and tempeh, homemade mushroom burgers, and oatmeal cluster cookies.

The weather was gorgeous, despite reports saying isolated thunderstorms. Everyone loved the food, and best of all, my most carnivorous friend ate four mushroom burgers without a bun. :)

I just love how a beautiful day and delicious food can bring people together. I haven't had so much fun playing frisbee or running around outside in a long while, and my feet were proof of that (feet and calves were completely covered with dirt by the time the day ended).

I'm so excited for the next chance to BBQ - thankfully the summer has just begun! Happy Memorial Day everyone!!


Myra Wolf said…
What an awesome day you had honey!

The food you made looks great and I would have eaten them all! You have become so creative with your new recipe creations and I am so proud of the detail that goes into your commitments.

Yes, it was a beautiful day!! Love you forever. xoxo
Myra Wolf said… more thing. I have still continued my 30 day pledge for May and surprisingly, meat has not been very hard giving up! Once you fill up on veggies and other protein, you really don't think about the meat not being there! xo

I am shocked I actually get to leave comments works!