Reasons to Smile Today

1. After lots of talks and a few months of trying it out, my sister has finally decided to go completely vegetarian.

2. I just received my March/April issue of VegNews. :) ( check it out- it's an amazing magazine.)

3. It just hit me- Steve, the always compassionate omnivore, eats meals with me 4-5 times a week. That means, he eats vegan at least 3-4 times a week. And that's a very good thing.

4. My best friend just bought her first half-gallon of soymilk.

5. Tonight, I've decided to create a delicious new dinner- pasta with tempeh, asparagus, and peas in a lemon basil garlic sauce. Mmmm....

6. My wedding site has agreed to give Steve and me a vegetarian wedding.

7. My kitties were all waiting at home for me, purring and ready to give and receive some serious love.

8. Not only do I have my basic food needs met, but I have the freedom and opportunity to really get creative with cooking vegan.

9. I just cheered up my babysitting kids (who also happen to be very picky eaters) by telling them the story of how I grew to love tofu.

10. I'm beginning to see change all around me that gives me hope that someday, not too far away from now, we will have a more compassionate world when it comes to animals.