Greatest Hits

I'm kinda bored and want to post on here, but I couldn't think of something profound... so, instead, I'm making a list of the top 10 new foods in my life that I love deeply. Some of them I picked up from my cleanse, others I've picked up along the way from eating vegan. All of them are simply amazing. Check 'em out:

1) Sunflower Butter- I love this more than peanut butter!

2) Hazelnut Milk- I love this more than milk! (duh)

3) Agave Nectar on pancakes- tastes just like maple syrup, but better for you!

4) Vegan Indian food- I've been buying a lot of pre-made home-style cans of chickpeas and potatoes in sauce, as well as a sauce for cooking tofu in- all are delicious and not too spicy!

5) Avocados- these I've obviously eaten before, but had no idea how much I could fall back in love with them during my week-long cleanse.

6) Gluten-free and buckwheat pancake mixes- I enjoy these better than the wheat version. I usually substitute the egg with a well-mashed banana and then throw some fruit in. Delicious with agave nectar on top.

7) Tempeh bacon- the first time I tried this, I ate almost the entire package. Now, that's a clear sign that I've found a food worth falling in love with.

8) Fingerling potatoes- Steve and I made mashed fingerling potatoes for a party, and they turned out tan colored, which I thought was kind of awesome. Plus, they have an earthy and delicious taste, and a wonderfully thick texture when mashed.

8) Stuffed Grape leaves- Oh. My. Stuffed Grape leaves. I can't say enough about this food. Pure bliss.

9) Coconut Milk Ice Cream- when I'm in the mood for something creamy and cold and sweet, Pure Decadance Coconut Milk Ice Cream calls out to me from the frozen foods section. Mmmm....

and the 10th food on my list that has changed my life for the better:

10) Yogi brand teas (decaffeinated). I'm in love. It's been months since my last straight week of coffee, and I have never been happier to wake up with a hot cup of decaf tea. I especially love their Ginkgo-IQ and Breathe Deeply tea. If I am in need a small caffeine fix though, I love their Black Chai. Amazing.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are inspired to try something new this weekend. I certainly am!