A Modern Day Gospel

So, I co-teach a 7th and 8th grade worship group on Sundays at my Unitarian Church with a good friend named Lindsey (and since we share the same name, it always proves to be a fun time). Usually Lindsey and I allow each other to take turns presenting different life topics to the kids, and then we open it for a group discussion, which always allows for some wonderful conversation.

Well, I was unexpectedly delighted and inspired by Lindsey's most recent topic, so much so that I want to share it here. She spoke about the difficulties of our young generation to absorb all of the world's hardships, and how it proves even more difficult to support charities, when most are asking for monetary donations. How can a 13 or 14 year old help make this world a better place in the midst of so much negative campaigning and no clear cut ways to actively help?

Lindsey posed a solution for this conundrum: create a Gospel. Now, this is not the same kind of gospel from religious history, but rather one interpreted directly from its original definition/translation, which is all about spreading "good news". Lindsey challenged the kids to create Gospels of their own- to find areas of life and the world that they want to improve, and in doing so, proactively find positive ways to help. She even used my practice of animal activism as an example, which got me thinking: how can I use this blog to spread my own Gospel of sorts?

Well, here is what I've come up with:

I love animals, and I want to find every way I can to protect their well-being, whether it's through promoting veganism, sharing information with loved ones about animal issues, or directly supporting animal rights organizations.

Could this be the beginning of my own Modern Day Gospel? Hmmm..... :)

So, I've decided to devote this blog post to sharing ways in which each and every one of us can help this holiday season to support companies who tireless work for animals, and it's so easy, because it can all be done at your computer.

So, here are the places I've already been to, and I highly recommend them to you as a way of not only giving a nice gift to family and friends, but also helping animals at the same time:

1) Check out the Defenders of Wildlife Organization, and adopt a wild animal who desperately needs your help. You can adopt them in honor of a member of your family, and if you do, you even get a cute stuffed animal and information delivered to your door before Christmas.


2) Shop at the Farm Sanctuary's Website, and you will be supporting one of my favorite animal rights organizations! Farm Sanctuary rescues farm animals who were either abandoned on the road to slaughter or escaped from a factory farm. The animals get to live out their lives peacefully and with tremendous amounts of love.

At the Farm Sanctuary's shop, you can purchase cute tee-shirts, books, and other fun stuff :


3) Support a vegan company! Alternative Outfitters is home to tons of awesome stuff for both the boys and girls in your family. Stylish clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and lots of other great gift options are available at this store, and by purchasing online from this shop, you are supporting more humane product making methods. And according to their website: "Besides offering vegan clothes, adhering to an animal friendly ethic, Alternative Outfitters also makes sure that none of the clothing manufacturers we carry employ the use of sweatshop labor. We also make sure that fair trade practices are held true."


Now, if these ideas leave you wanting more ways to shop and support this cause at the same time, here is a list of other awesome websites you can visit who have online shops:

http://www.ragazzivegan.com/ (Vegan shoe store)
http://www.caringconsumer.com/ (This is an online resource that helps you find Cruelty-Free companies)

So, I hope these lists will at least get you started. Happy Holidays!